(This information was gathered from writings by Nina Kether Axelrod; originally disseminated by G.I. Gurdjieff, 1866-1949)

Servers are sweet, compassionate and loving people. They work hard, often in the background, and put other peoples need above their own. They can be meek, mild mannered and typically drawn to service duties such as teachers, nurses, waiters, cooks , doctors and homemakers. They get deep satisfaction from nurturing others. They’re friendly, modest, approachable, and well loved. At times they neglect their own needs and get lost in outside events and obligations. They are devoted and loyal yet can be victims and martyrs. They are creative and productive. Servers make great character actors, as they seamlessly disappear into their rolls. Meryl Streep is an excellent example. Others are: Mia Farrow, Jimmy Carter, The Dalai Lama, and Mother Theresa. The population is about 10%.

Priests are visionaries when it comes to their higher self and higher goals. As well, they try to enlighten others. They are dedicated, inspiring, motivating and magnetic. They enjoy listening to other people’s troubles with a mission to help fix things. They intend to make a difference in the world, but at times can be impractical, flaky, and irrational. They are formal and specific with their words, make excellent actors and are adept at channeling energy. They’d rather be a public figure in a large forum than famous on the big screen. Examples are Timothy Leary, Sigourney Weaver, Martin Sheen, Princess Diana, Carl Jung, Oprah Winfrey and Frank Zappa. They are very specialized and make up between 3-5 % of the population.
Artisans are highly creative, ungrounded dreamers. They’re fluid, flexible and flaky. They’re great actors, musicians, trendsetters, eccentrics, poets, designers, and dancers. Spontaneous, visionary, inventive people like this can be impulsive, irresponsible, and self-indulgent. They can get stuck in their owner daydreams and struggle with the material world. Their bodies might float away with hand expressions that are ethereal and lofty. They make great actors who are unpredictable and uniquely different … just enough to land the lead. Famous Artisans are Michelangelo, Jim Morrison, George Lucas, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, Drew Barrymore, and most famous actors. They hold about 20%, presently.
Sages are the modern day jester looking for the center of attention. They’re outrageous, dramatic, and draw out our emotion. they have a message to share and use humor as the voice. They’re lighthearted, wise, articulate, childlike wonders, who love the media, journalism, public speaking, writing and politics. Sages are loud, lovable, energetic and highly animated. They love to gossip. They are perceptive, entertaining, colorful and wise, as well as overly deceptive, egocentric and dramatic. Some famous Sages are Mick Jagger, Jack Nicolson, Lucille Ball, Janis Joplin, and Robin Williams. Sages make up less than 15% of the population.
A warrior is capable, strong, practical, and comfortable in his body. They’re goal oriented and organized without wanting responsibility. They protect, are business savvy and solidly brave. They’re monetarily conservative and tenderhearted under the surface. They can also be pushovers and naïve. Narrow-minded, withdrawn and aggressive by nature, they dominate 30% of the population. Typically they’re lawyers, athletes, strategists, and police or military personnel. Examples of famous Warriors are: Oliver Stone, Demi Moore, Lauran Bacall, Martin Luther King, Jane Fonda, Hilary Clinton, and Nick Nolte. They speak with authority and are rarely tentative about anything.
Kings are natural leaders, acting with dignity and grace. They delegate authority and inspire loyalty. Their charisma helps them get what they want. They are born leaders with a regal sense, and magnanimously feel responsible for others. The have a casual manner, but move with deliberateness and choose their words carefully. Straight posture and effortless mastery keeps them powerfully centered and comfortable in their own shoes. Although there are many positives, they tend to be tyrannical and overbearing. They’re perfectionists by nature. They are the rarest of the seven, making up 1-2%. Examples are Bill Gates, Madonna, Sean Connery, Jacqueline Kennedy, Alec Guinness and Katherine Hepburn.

Scholars are neutral, mediator types with strong objectivity and keen overview. As natural students, they research and analyze, while being quiet and diverse. They tend to be unemotional. They love to experiment with their curiosity and are the most eclectic of the group. Sometimes they blend too much and become complacent. They’re teachers, scientists, philosophers, and computer experts. They are mostly practical, logical, honest, but can become obtuse and over intellectualizing. They’re academics. Famous Scholars include John Lennon, Carlos Casteneda, Jodie Foster, Eric Clapton, Vanessa Redgrave, Al Gore and Susan Sarrandon. They speak fast, live in their heads, and move quickly. Think “the absent-minded professor”!


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